The Face: Is 2019 the time to launch a new magazine?

BBC – 17/09/2019

Annabel Rackham

“Wow, you’re going to the launch of the new Face magazine? I’m so jealous!”

That was the response of my dad when I told him what I was doing for work, and it totally took me by surprise.

His face lit up as he told me about buying The Face for the first time in May 1980, and he even had the first 10 editions on hand to show me.

But as someone in their 20s, the magazine really doesn’t mean much to me – it went out of print in 2004 when I was 10 years old.

In its heyday, The Face came out every month and would feature interviews with the biggest artists in the UK and US, along with showcasing fashion trends, club culture and cutting-edge photography.

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