MPA: View the Online Engagement Report

MPA- 23/05/2019

The Association of Magazine Media has just launched a new research analysis about online media as part of its Magazine Media 360° reporting suite. The Magazine Media 360° Online Engagement Report compiles metrics that demonstrate the level of audience engagement with Web and Mobile Web sites of magazine media brands. The data provides further support to the assertion that magazines have strong connections with online users who are passionate about their content.

The Online Engagement Report (OER) measures various attributes of engagement in consumer media:  Loyalty, Immersion, Intensity and Connection. Using third-party metrics sourced from comScore combined with statistics from MPA’s Social Media Engagement Report, these attributes have been quantitatively analyzed and combined by online platform.  The data generated in the OER demonstrates that the audiences to the sites of magazine media brands are equally or more engaged than those consuming content on non-magazine brand sites.

At present, the OER—to be issued quarterly—will measure engagement with Desktop/Laptop and Mobile Web platforms. In the future, when a higher number of tracked brands have syndicated research data available for the Video platform, it too will be added to the analysis.




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