Elite Daily’s Snapchat story was watched by 20m users last month

DIGIDAY – 16/08/2019

Max Willens

Elite Daily, the Bustle Digital Group-owned Facebook-centric title, has found success on Snapchat. Last month, the company’s story reached over 20 million unique users on the platform, a BDG spokesperson said. That audience figure puts Elite Daily in the same weight class as Insider, whose daily story attracted 24 million unique users in February. The content is made by Butter Works, an “outsourced video department” that handles everything from production services to video strategy for publishers and brands.

Elite Daily’s audience growth on Snapchat has “blown past” projections BDG made when Elite Daily first launched on Snapchat last fall with content such as horoscopes, said Kate Robinson, BDG’s svp of business development.

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