“A few key deals can completely reshape our industry”: M&A increasingly important to publishers looking for growth


Faisal Kalim

Jonah Peretti, founder of BuzzFeed, had floated the idea of a mega-merger of publishers last year. He mused that if Vice, Vox Media, Group Nine and Refinery joined hands to create a bigger media group, they would have better bargaining power with the duopoly.

“If BuzzFeed and five of the other biggest companies were combined into a bigger digital media company, you would probably be able to get paid more money,” Peretti told the New York Times.

Cut to the present and his words seem prophetic, for in recent months, GateHouse merged with Gannett, Vox Media acquired New York Magazine, Vice Media bought Refinery29, Future Plc is buying TI Media, and The Telegraph is up for sale.

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